Rent It – Attack the Block

ATTACK THE BLOCK is finally opening today now available for your home entertainment entertaining. It is worth getting off your couch, watching 88 minutes of glorious alien carnage, and becoming a #blockhead. Trust.

Written and directed by Brit Joe Cornish and executive produced by Edgar Wright, ATB is non-stop action. The film first knocks you out of your comfort zone by introducing 6 teens in hoodies led by Moses (superbly acted by John Boyega) committing a straight-up crime and then 15 minutes later smacks you in the face because guess what? These are our heroes. Allow it!

When aliens decide to roll up into their hood they are not having it. It is inner city versus outer space (gotta love a good marketing tagline).

It’s scary and it’s cap-F-unny and smart. The dialog is cracking (“This is too much madness to fit into one text!”). Music by Basement Jaxx will stick in your head so just be prepared to keep your groove on. The teen actors blow up in their roles and who doesn’t love Nick Frost as a pot dealing pot head and Luke Treadaway as a hapless richie just wanting to get his smoke on?  And the group of girls they run into for 2 scenes pop pop pop off the screen. If I was caught up in an alien invasion these are the folks I want on my side.

And let’s talk about the aliens for a sec. Scary. Creepy. Inventive. The mythology behind their invasion works and has a weeeeee bit of real science behind it (ok maybe I’m stretching this part. It’s like a whiff).

There are great reviews at Rolling StoneMTV/Film and io9 (some spoilers). And check out Edgar’s site for other announcements.

It’s a tight film bruv. Believe it!


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