The First is always a doozy…part deux

I have the fun task of migrating over cherry-picked previous posts from my tumbler to this brand new site. (For those that can be updated with fancy new info I will do my best.)

This part of my first post from July 18, 2011, still applies:

What is this thing you ponder? The Unapologetic Geek is the place to come when you are ready to commit to loving comics, SciFi/SyFY/Sci-Fi/Sci Fi, science, math, NSFW unicorns, discussions of web interfaces, urban fantasy, adultswim, HR Giger, Guillermo del Toro, Octavia Butler, vampires that don’t whine about being vampires, fast cars, robots, odd musings that may make sense one day maybe, anime, people with imaginations bigger than the world they live in…

…and yes, french fries. Transfat be damned.


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