Cannot Wait! 1979 the Game

Navid Khonsari, cinematic director of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto and iNK Stories’ Alan Wakeis in development with 1979. (The year, not the song by the Smashing Pumpkins.)

Quite a year indeed.  Jimmy Carter was POTUS, amazing films were in release (Alien, Apocalypse Now, The Warriors, Mad Max, Life of Brian), musical dreams were being born (Beastie Boys, The Replacements, Lipps Inc, Spandau Ballet), and a guy with unflappable hair named Ted Koppel got his very own news show on latenight TV. Why? Because at the height of the Iranian Revolution the dictator Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was overthrown, a fundamentalist Islamic state was installed, then 52 Americans were taken hostage at the U.S. embassy in Tehran. And this is where the game begins.

1979 The Game “aims to combine some sandbox, open-world elements popularized by “Grand Theft Auto” with what Khonsari calls a “baton-pass” narrative, which explores this historic backdrop through the sequential perspectives of several playable characters.” Diplomacy, backroom deals, clandestine meetings and strategy ensue.

All that game play plus a tagline like “There are no good guys.”  I’m in.

I wonder if Tony Mendez‘s Canadian Caper will make an appearance? Errol Morris profiled him on First Person.

For more on 1979, check out….CNN and iNK Stories


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