Science! Seth MacFarlane and Carl Sagan together at last!

Seth MacFarlane is bringing Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage back to television. And Neil deGrasse Tyson hosting? I am so in. Okay so it’s Fox and there’s a wee bit of trouble in the Fox house and their news channel is not quite known for being a fan of the sciences, but this is about Seth and Carl Sagan’s widow Ann Druyan:  “In September 2010, MacFarlane and Druyan appeared together on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher where they shared their concern about the growing anti-science sentiment in American society, something Druyan attributed to “the failure of public education,” which has “compartmentalized science to 20-40 boring minutes a week, maybe taught by a gym teacher.”

Bring on 2013! Yay science!

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