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I came of age in the 80′s and was heavily influenced by The Smiths and Morrissey. Their lyrics shake up your heart, break it into pieces and then give you the strength to rise up, pick up those same pieces and put it all back together again. Delicate chords in combination with driving baselines makes your body move in ways you maybe didn’t know was even possible.  This is the kind of music that cuts across gender, age and ethnicity (the doc Is It Really So Strange touches on this) and holds up today in a myriad of ways that puts most bands to shame.

So the news that Shawn Demumbrum of SpazDog Press is planning to take has taken the songs of The Smiths and created Unite and Take Over: Comic Stories Inspired by the Smiths is intriguing.

“What’s the story that plays in your head when you listen to your favorite Smiths songs?” he explains in the video for his Kickstarter campaign (which has been a success three times over – gotta love the Moz fans). The songs will be used as inspiration and a jump-off to “a theme or mood” for the 15 teams of creatives Demumbrum has put together to tackle this creative challenge.  Whew! It’s not just a superhero take.

Count me in as excited…and crossing my fingers. According to Shawn’s tweet from August 12th, he is awaiting approval from Morrissey’s management. I hope it comes through because this is a project that could open up the genius that is The Smiths to a whole new generation. UPDATE: Unite and Take Over is available at Corner Store Comics.

For more on Unite and Take Over….The Guardian.


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