Thought – Quitting is for Quitters.

For whatever reason this week on the Facebook, it seemed as though everyone was sharing and commenting on the wall poster of a quote by Ira Glass (of This American Life and other goodies) for beginners and non-beginners alike:

I found it fascinating that this quote seemed to resonate with so many different types of people from all walks of life. This is of course based on my completely unscientific study of a horribly compromised selection of the Facebook walls I decided to view. This misguided sampling included filmmakers, comicbook artists & writers, stay at home and/or working moms and/or dads, comics, electrical engineers, neuroscientists, biologists, hedgefund managers and natural born layabouts. I have an eclectic group of friends/frenemies. I even scoped out the walls and twitter feeds of people I don’t know. Did I just out myself as an information stalker?  Anyhoo, the data revealed…

1) I am perhaps spending way too much time on the Facebook lately and that I need to get back to work, but more importantly 2) people seemed to be grateful to be reminded that it’s okay to sometimes think it’s rough out there or sometimes the stuff we do/create/etc sucks, or wonder why we’re even bothering.

But for me the biggest takeaway from those 231 words is to suck it up and keep it moving. If it’s what you want to do (and you’ve figured out how to pay your bills in the meantime) you just have to keep moving towards it – whatever it is.

Which then led me to ponder on one of the Girl-On-Guy podcasts*, created and hosted by the super-talented and super-tall Aisha TylerEpisode 4 is with Adam Carolla who talks about the hows and whys and who-woulda-thunks of his career. I am a fan of Adam’s (checkout The Hammer) and remember “The Bleeda in Reseda”, so to hear the story of how he went from the carpenter guy to the KROQ guy to the now guy is hilarious. It is also inspirational (to bring it all back to the title of this post so it does not appear that I am just happy hour drunk typing). He figured out what he wanted to do, then figured out how to do it and then didn’t let the manymany bumps in the way thwart him.

Keep it moving folks…

*At some point I will write up a Time Suck Alert! post for Girl on Guy. All I can say for now is that if you like to laugh, download the app or whatever you kids do with your devices and check out this podcast. However if you have delicate ears maybe don’t commit so quickly as the language can be at times NSFW.


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