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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: All Your Zombie Needs

 It’s that time of year again: Comic-Con.

I am woefully late in my posting so I’m thanking the fine folks at the San Diego City Beat for a great list of all things undeadly awesome at the Con this year.

And The Walking Dead (comic book) turns to #100 this week.

Hyundai is helping to promo….wait. What? For the love of all things undead.

 I admit that the car (the Elantra!) does look kinda cool as well as practical for mowing down zombies (though I still got nothin but love for Bellflower‘s Medusa). has more pics and a sweepstakes.

Check out this review or just buy the comic and post your own review. Collider has a recap of the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard panel.

And remember: have fun at the Con!



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Cannot Wait! The Tick

The Big Blue Defender of Justice is turning 100 (in comic book issues), in Tick #100: The Tick meets Invincible. I remember when he was just knee-high in a straightjacket hanging out in a luny bin.

From Previews:

Celebrate the 100th issue of The Tick with a 48-page full-color blockbuster co-starring Robert Kirkman’s Invincible! In a full-length 24-page epic, Invincible is transported to The Tick’s universe where the two mighty heroes confront the combined threat of the master criminal Chairface Chippendale and a mysterious and menacing new villain who makes even Chairface look like an ordinary umbrella stand! A story so awesome it requires two planets and at least one moon to contain it! Added bonus, “The Story of The Tick,” a 20-page full-color history of The Tick’s illustrious career!

And more from the Geek Out! blog:

“Tick #100″ pairs Invincible with the more naive pair of The Tick and his sidekick Arthur, whose most notable vigilante effort was to keep a supervillain from writing his name on the moon. The Tick and Arthur afford Invincible some levity. Invincible injects a deeper pathos into the world of his hapless insect-hero friends.

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Avengers Assemble! And Vogue!

This is so wrong that it’s right.

Also spotted on Reddit.


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Buy It! The Smiths Comic Stories

I came of age in the 80′s and was heavily influenced by The Smiths and Morrissey. Their lyrics shake up your heart, break it into pieces and then give you the strength to rise up, pick up those same pieces and put it all back together again. Delicate chords in combination with driving baselines makes your body move in ways you maybe didn’t know was even possible.  This is the kind of music that cuts across gender, age and ethnicity (the doc Is It Really So Strange touches on this) and holds up today in a myriad of ways that puts most bands to shame.

So the news that Shawn Demumbrum of SpazDog Press is planning to take has taken the songs of The Smiths and created Unite and Take Over: Comic Stories Inspired by the Smiths is intriguing.

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