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Time Suck Alert: Arrested Development

For those that decide to binge on Arrested Development a little later on Netflix and for those that looking for a great time waster, check out Recurring Developments.

Created by Beutler Ink and Red Edge (and their designers who love watching TV and taking notes), this is a catalog of the inside jokes and running themes on this beloved cult show. But unlike a never-nude at the gym, the good times just keep on coming.

The site: Recurring Developments


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Time Suck Alert! Time Travel Explained in 34 Ways.

I just want to lose myself in this….and then maybe reappear 12 minutes into another timeline. La Jetee perhaps.

From the awesome mind of the nattily named Mr. Dalliard.


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Science! Seth MacFarlane and Carl Sagan together at last!

Seth MacFarlane is bringing Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage back to television. And Neil deGrasse Tyson hosting? I am so in. Okay so it’s Fox and there’s a wee bit of trouble in the Fox house and their news channel is not quite known for being a fan of the sciences, but this is about Seth and Carl Sagan’s widow Ann Druyan:  “In September 2010, MacFarlane and Druyan appeared together on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher where they shared their concern about the growing anti-science sentiment in American society, something Druyan attributed to “the failure of public education,” which has “compartmentalized science to 20-40 boring minutes a week, maybe taught by a gym teacher.”

Bring on 2013! Yay science!

For more on this…


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Pink and Princessy on UK TV is a no go.

If at any point I was searching for a reason as to why I continue to have the Daily Mail in my RSS feed, it’s news like this:

Jo Swinson, the current MP in the UK is not happy about the status quo in TV land. “Childrens television is sexist and lacking in strong female role models.”  And the MP added “programmes need more female lead characters who are not ‘pink and princessy’.”

Hrrrmmph. I recently had a meeting with a writer of a children’s television show for the US that had no/nada/zilch female NOR ethnic characters. WhatTheHuh? Children’s entertainment should at least try to not be misogynistic/classist/racist/etc. I figure at least give a child the chance to form their own world view, opinions, etc…instead of automatically turning them into closed-minded crappy adults.

And on the subject of kids tv: stop with all the shows about kids getting famous. We are going to end up with a heck of a delusional generation.

Hrrmph </3 (which means I do not likey at all.)

For other thoughts checkout…The Daily MailThe Mary Sue and Jezebel.


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