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Time Suck Alert: Arrested Development

For those that decide to binge on Arrested Development a little later on Netflix and for those that looking for a great time waster, check out Recurring Developments.

Created by Beutler Ink and Red Edge (and their designers who love watching TV and taking notes), this is a catalog of the inside jokes and running themes on this beloved cult show. But unlike a never-nude at the gym, the good times just keep on coming.

The site: Recurring Developments


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Time Suck Alert! List of Common Misconceptions

Oh yes. Someone is putting this list together.

Carobn filament


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Time Suck Alert! Time Travel Explained in 34 Ways.

I just want to lose myself in this….and then maybe reappear 12 minutes into another timeline. La Jetee perhaps.

From the awesome mind of the nattily named Mr. Dalliard.


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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: All Your Zombie Needs

 It’s that time of year again: Comic-Con.

I am woefully late in my posting so I’m thanking the fine folks at the San Diego City Beat for a great list of all things undeadly awesome at the Con this year.

And The Walking Dead (comic book) turns to #100 this week.

Hyundai is helping to promo….wait. What? For the love of all things undead.

 I admit that the car (the Elantra!) does look kinda cool as well as practical for mowing down zombies (though I still got nothin but love for Bellflower‘s Medusa). has more pics and a sweepstakes.

Check out this review or just buy the comic and post your own review. Collider has a recap of the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard panel.

And remember: have fun at the Con!



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TIme Suck Alert! Women Fighters.

There is nothing that I can say about Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor that is not already succinctly described in the About section:

Nothin’ wrong with sexy!

Cheesecake has its place.

But I like pictures of women who look like they are legitimately bad-ass. Women that don’t fight in high heels. Women that clearly give a shit about the practicalities of getting in a lethal situation. Women who could most definitely kick my ass.

Women fighters in reasonable armor.

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Time Suck Alert! Know your meats.

Behold and revel in its awesomeness. (click to enlarge)

via Pleated Jeans


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