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2011 National Film Registry

25 films from the 2200 titles nominated have been added to the National Film Registry for 2011.

A Computer Animated Hand created by Ed Catmull (one of the founders of Pixar) and Fred Parke is among the inductees. This fascinating short is one of the first (as many believe, from 1972) to feature digital 3D computer graphics. Check it out at Nerd Plus Art (pretty cool blog too).

Other films include Bambi (a Disney classic that many can attribute to their mother and/or abandonment issues), Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi (which heralded a next wave of indie directors and shoe-string budgets), John Cassavetes’ Faces (conformity shattered, Gena Rowlands is devastating) and Frank Capra’s The Negro Soldier (a 1944 film to promote racial tolerance).

Check out the full list at deadline.com.

Maybe next year Bambi meets Godzilla will be nominated:


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