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San Diego Comic-Con 2012: All Your Zombie Needs

 It’s that time of year again: Comic-Con.

I am woefully late in my posting so I’m thanking the fine folks at the San Diego City Beat for a great list of all things undeadly awesome at the Con this year.

And The Walking Dead (comic book) turns to #100 this week.

Hyundai is helping to promo….wait. What? For the love of all things undead.

 I admit that the car (the Elantra!) does look kinda cool as well as practical for mowing down zombies (though I still got nothin but love for Bellflower‘s Medusa). HyundaiUndead.com has more pics and a sweepstakes.

Check out this review or just buy the comic and post your own review. Collider has a recap of the Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard panel.

And remember: have fun at the Con!



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Cannot Wait! The Tick

The Big Blue Defender of Justice is turning 100 (in comic book issues), in Tick #100: The Tick meets Invincible. I remember when he was just knee-high in a straightjacket hanging out in a luny bin.

From Previews:

Celebrate the 100th issue of The Tick with a 48-page full-color blockbuster co-starring Robert Kirkman’s Invincible! In a full-length 24-page epic, Invincible is transported to The Tick’s universe where the two mighty heroes confront the combined threat of the master criminal Chairface Chippendale and a mysterious and menacing new villain who makes even Chairface look like an ordinary umbrella stand! A story so awesome it requires two planets and at least one moon to contain it! Added bonus, “The Story of The Tick,” a 20-page full-color history of The Tick’s illustrious career!

And more from the Geek Out! blog:

“Tick #100″ pairs Invincible with the more naive pair of The Tick and his sidekick Arthur, whose most notable vigilante effort was to keep a supervillain from writing his name on the moon. The Tick and Arthur afford Invincible some levity. Invincible injects a deeper pathos into the world of his hapless insect-hero friends.

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